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Back to the Future in Japan


Dateline: 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean in that strange twilight created when traveling from Asia back to the U.S. - where you cross the international date line and “re-live” a calendar day. It’s the closest thing I know to time travel.

Move Parts Directly in HOOPS Communicator’s 3D Player

Hoops Web Viewer Modeling Matrix Manipulation GavinCommunicatorBlog FEB 2014 resized 600

A couple of weeks ago, we released HOOPS Communicator 2.10, which features some interesting new enhancements, most notably to the 3D player’s API. Back in HOOPS Communicator 2.0, we added the ability to connect external information to 3D data through a mapping table at conversion time. This API provided an ID for each and every part in an assembly, which initially developers used for simple things like highlighting, hiding and isolating parts. 

6 Trends in Mobile App Development


In my last post I mentioned how Tech Soft 3D is a harbinger of where engineering software is moving. We gain a big-picture perspective of the industry through our involvement with so many next-generation applications. While we can’t talk about what specific customers are doing with our HOOPS technologies until they ship their applications, we can share some macro trends that may be of interest.

Cloud & Mobile: A Gathering Storm or Passing Shower?


Not long ago I was talking with Al Dean from DEVELOP3D, they of the cool print magazine and great annual event. I was describing what some of our customers were building with our technology and he exclaimed, “Tech Soft 3D is basically the canary in the coal mine. By knowing what you’re doing on behalf of your customers, you can predict what kinds of applications will be coming out over the next 12-18 months!”

Building a Feedback Culture


My last three blogs were all about feedback: what stops people from giving it, how to give it well and how to receive it well. However, if you don’t build a company culture that supports free-flowing feedback, none of this matters much.


Tips for Receiving Feedback


So you can now dish it out, but can you take it?


Tips for Giving Good Feedback


My last blog entry tackled some of the barriers that prevent people from giving useful feedback and how to avoid them. So, you may be thinking that since you’re feeling ready to give feedback, you can just race down the hall and start telling everyone in sight exactly what you think about their work, behavior and skills, right?


Getting Past Barriers to Feedback


If feedback is extremely valuable information, why don’t people give it more often? 


Investing In The 3D PDF Ecosystem: Why Tech Soft 3D Acquired tetra4D


Tech Soft 3D and tetra4D today announced the acquisition of tetra4D by Tech Soft 3D. This event marks the beginning of a new chapter in the 3D PDF world, and I wanted to take a few minutes and explain what this means for the customers of 3D PDF Converter, the partners who have helped build tetra4D into a growing business, and Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS customers.

5 Qualities to Prepare for Certain Uncertainty


In my last post, I explained why I think a 5-year vision is an extremely powerful tool and a 5-year plan is a major waste of time. The uncertainty that favors a vision over a plan raises some questions, though. Specifically, if it’s not possible to plan very far in the future, how should we as leaders prepare our team? 

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