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Brand Promises and Core Values: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Posted by Ron Fritz on Mar 24, 2015 9:00:00 AM

In my last blog entry I talked about our brand promise of being Dependable, Dynamic and Durable.  Someone got in touch with me to ask how this related to our Core Values, which I have written about in the past.

That’s a good question. At first glance they seem to be two different things. However, I consider them to simply be two views of the same thing depending on whether you’re standing inside or outside of the organization.

You can think of a company’s core values in much the same way you think of an individual’s dominant personality traits. When you look at his or her behavior, the core values are what shines through, illuminating what the person (or in this case company) cares about most.

For us, those Core Values are:

  • Positive Relationships

  • Continual Pursuit of Excellence

  • Agility & Responsiveness

  • Being Fun

The way I view the connection with our Brand Promise is that Core Values are how we actually operate internally. The Brand Promise, by contrast, is simply how those outside the organization experience us: in other words, the outward manifestation of the Core Values. The Brand Promise is the result of us practicing our Core Values.

For example, we care about positive relationships, which require us to be dependable. As a result, people outside of the organization experience our focus on positive relationships as dependability.

We care about agility & responsiveness, so our partners experience us as dynamic, since we are never standing still and never satisfied with the way things are.

We care about the continual pursuit of excellence. This is what makes us durable. Since we are always trying to make ourselves better, we make our products and our company stronger and healthier, which extends our life span.

Being Fun may seem like an outlier. What do our partners care if we’re having fun as long as we’re doing our job? But our ability to make our work life fun gives us the enthusiasm we need to dig deep and be the dependable, dynamic and durable team our customers need us to be. 

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