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Expanding and Elevating our “Raison d’Être"

Posted by Ron Fritz on Aug 26, 2015 11:08:47 AM

In my last two blogs, I talked about the lessons we learned and the upsides we experienced as a result of our Tetra4D acquisition. I’d like to complete the series by sharing how the act of contemplating that acquisition also pushed us to expand our mission. 

Of course, we knew that the decision to incorporate the Tetra4D business meant that we would need to change a number of things. One thing was our mission statement, and as you can imagine, it was very important to us to remain entirely true to who we are, even while making room for where we’re going.

Since our founding in 1996, our mission statement was: “We exist to help software teams build better software, faster.” That worked very well for us through those 18+ years. It was direct, clarifying and motivating. As a company solely providing 3D software development tools, it fit perfectly – and still does for the main part of our business, the toolkits.

Now we needed a way to find the common thread between the two parts of our business – an expanded mission that reflected the broader organization.

To start, we needed to dig a little deeper into what really drives us, both as individuals and collectively as an organization. The insights we gained by thinking about the “why” behind that original mission gave us the foundation to articulate a new, broader mission.

Two key themes emerged. The first is that we really enjoy helping others be successful. It gives us a great feeling to know we’re the people behind the scenes helping others succeed, and we absolutely love seeing the cool stuff people do with our technology. The second theme is that we are driven to build things we can be proud of, including great technology, mutually beneficial partnerships, and a company and culture we can be proud of.

Knowing those fundamental drivers allowed us to locate the common thread that we knew existed on both sides of the business. In the end, we discovered that our mission, purpose or raison d’être (whatever you want to call it) is:

We are driven to fuel innovation with unmatched 3D technology

As you can probably see, one could picture our toolkit mission statement of “We exist to help software teams build better software, faster” fitting perfectly inside this broader raison d’être.

In the end, this exercise proved to be like an excavation that led us deeper and deeper to discover our company’s origins and purpose. In the process, I believe we dug a strong foundation on which to build something even bigger.




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