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Windows 8: What does the future hold?

Posted by Rob Mazeffa on Jan 16, 2013 7:00:00 AM
Microsoft use to ask “where will you go today?” But I think the bigger question is “where will Microsoft go tomorrow?”

The reviews of Windows 8 are less then glowing – yet at the same time, Microsoft is essentially the only player for the Desktop, and complex new x86/x64 apps can still be built for the Windows Store. Developers will have to look at market realities alongside their fixed resources, which may already be spread thin building applications for iOS and Android, which dominate the mobile market with nearly two hundred million devices and growing. (Q2-2012 tablet shipments: iPad 65% / Android 22% / Kindle-Nook 13%). Will end-users drive demand for Windows Store apps as they upgrade to Windows 8 and latch onto Windows tablets, thus giving developers a more compelling reason to develop for the Windows Store? Or will it be driven more by developers of end-user apps and components, as they become willing and able to create new apps and/or port existing tools/apps to the Windows 8 environment?

From our perspective, we will as always insulate developers from the changing graphics landscape. This becomes even more compelling since Windows development will truly become DirectX only, while all other platforms, including iOS and Android, are OpenGL[ES] only. If one chooses the DIY route in supporting different platforms, they would have to support multiple 3D graphics interfaces in their applications, not to mention disparate hardcopy interfaces as well. Read the full blog on our developer zone for more detailed information on building applications for Windows 8 with HOOPS Visualize.

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