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Posted by Ron Fritz on Feb 23, 2015 10:20:00 AM
A couple of weeks back, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Michio Kaku – theoretical physicist, futurist, popular author and television personality — speak at SOLIDWORKS World. As I expected, he was smart, insightful, funny and all-around entertaining. Dr. Kaku spoke about the future of the world around us: the things we’ll create, the places we’ll go, the way we’ll live, the worlds we’ll explore. He did a great job, and at the end I found myself thinking, “Well of course all of those things will happen. They’re already happening all around us!”

Dr. Kaku is renowned for taking futuristic and scientific topics and communicating them to broad audiences. As a result, it struck me as odd that I didn’t find much of his speech surprising. That is, until I overheard a mechanical engineer talking about how his company is actively working on some of the thing Dr. Kaku was talking about.

That’s when it hit me. 

In our world of 3D software, the community of users is already hard at work on the future. We see people working on approaches for quiet yet supersonic air travel, alternative methods for launching ourselves into space, breakthroughs in brain/exoskeleton research, nanobots that will cruise the body detecting medical problems early, stunningly beautiful and energy-aware buildings, unique prosthetics that can turn “disabled” into “super-powered,” and more.  

The kinds of claims that Dr. Kaku makes may amaze and astound everyone else, but are a real-life, day-to-day challenge to the network of 3D engineers, designers, creators and makers entrusted with making them possible. Motivated by these larger ideas, our community can help make the leap from speculating about the future to bringing it forth. I’ve seen a single inspired software developer do over a weekend what a team of 5-6 couldn’t achieve over a span of months.

Another great speaker I heard at SOLIDWORKS World was Bre Pettis, who exemplifies this idea of shared passion. Among many other things, Bre was the founder and CEO of MakerBot and now runs Bold Machines, an innovation workshop of Stratasys.  Bre has done and achieved impressive things. But hearing him talk, it’s clear Bre’s real passion is not just about creating things, but for empowering others to create things.

The world needs people willing to rally around someone else’s vision. Because the future that theoretical physicists and scientists dream of can only exist when individuals from a variety of disciplines – including software developers – are ignited by the same passion and focus. I’m really happy that we’re part of helping people do what they do: create the future every day. 



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