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Strategic Technology Partnerships

Posted by Ron Fritz on Jun 12, 2017 11:49:13 AM

The concept of “Strategic Technology Partnerships” has described our approach to business relationships from the very beginning. While it sounds natural to us, like with lots of “tribal language” it may be less clear to those outside our organization who are not yet partners of ours. Here’s exactly what we mean, one word at a time.

Strategic: There’s lots of ways to define whether or not something is “strategic,” but one simple test is to ask: “Is this a key driver of competitive success?” When we use the word “strategic” to describe our business approach, we’re saying we want to be one of those key reasons our partners are successful.

Sure, we help them build more compelling products, get to market faster and reduce costs. But we also add strategic value by being able to share an industry and technology perspective built from decades working with hundreds of 3D software developers. We use this to help our partners identify what are true trends vs. simply fads, and share what we have seen works well – and what has not.

In this way, we’re contributing two-fold: to the nuts and bolts of their product, but also to their business decision-making process. Ultimately, we want to make sure our partners can confidently say, “one big factor in our success was our partnership with Tech Soft 3D.”

Technology: The words “strategic” and “partnership” are only meaningful if our technology truly delivers. The foundation of our relationship is a promise to make technology that measurably helps our partners achieve commercial success by making better software, faster - and with fewer headaches than would otherwise be possible. That means our toolkits must be high-performance, stable, feature-rich and easy-to-use. Not perfect, but “ahead of the pack” on all four of those vectors, giving our partners a market advantage.

Partnerships. A vendor sells to a customer, shakes hands, and walks away.  A partnership, by contrast, means both parties are gaining something valuable from the relationship they couldn’t reach on their own. This means rooting for one another’s success. It means striving together to achieve something and sharing the reward. It also implies a commitment to stick with the relationship over the long haul.  

We approach every relationship as a partnership from the first conversation, and we ask our partners to do the same. We’re gratified to have partners that go back decades to when we first started. Many were small at the time and have grown substantially since. Some have been acquired for great multiples, and we are happy to have contributed to that success.

If you are a Tech Soft 3D partner, let us know how we’re measuring up in our Strategic Technology Partnership. You can email me directly at I truly want to hear from you about what we’re doing well and how we could be an even better Strategic Technology Partner.

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